Rana Ansari


Rana has been volunteering her time with Primary and Urgent Care since she was a student in middle school. From administration to billing, to the clinical aspects of Primary and Urgent Care, Rana has taken care of behind-the-scenes jobs that have increased the quality and streamlined the services offered by the clinic. During the COVID-19 crisis, Rana made sure to put the Fredericksburg/Stafford community first by ensuring testing for all. By scheduling patients for curbside appointments in early mornings and late nights, Rana contributed her efforts to make sure the virus is contained and everyone can maintain their health. In addition, Rana has helped Primary and Urgent Care adjust to the pandemic by preparing telemedicine technology for providers, rearranging seating and walkways to comply with social distancing guidelines, and providing masks for nurses and providers. She hopes to work hand-in-hand with her community until the end of the pandemic and beyond. She is currently a senior at Riverbend High School and attends the Commonwealth Governor’s School. In her spare time, Rana loves to listen to music, play the piano, and run outdoors.